Project Antique Barber Chairs

All Project Antique Barber Chairs/Customer Chairs are available as is or you commission a total restoration.

A total restoration includes custom leather upholstery, New Porcelain work & Chrome plating. Ask about our Custom Chairs for the Christmas & Football Season with your favorite team theme.

1920’s Theo A. Kochs – Sold
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1950’s 2Tone Ostrich Koken – Sold
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Theo A. Kochs – Red Leather – Sold
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Theo A. Kochs – Round seat – Sold
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1920’s Tufted Single Round Koken – Sold
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1920’s Theo A. Kochs – The Spartans Chair – Sold
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Chrome, Orange & Black Paidar – Sold
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1920’s Ostrich baby Koken – Sold
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1920’s Double Base Ring Theo A. Kochs Sold
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1950’s Theo A. Kochs Sold
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1920’s Theo A. Kochs Sold*Red Version Currently available $5800
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