Making old koken, Theo A. Kochs & Emil J. Paidar barber chairs new again.

The Reality

So you’ve had this pet project in you basement for the last 3 years and now your wife is badgering you about the chair being a waste of time and money. You now have 3 choices : find another dreamer, leave it out at night for the scrappers to fight over or call a professional.  Enter Custom Barber Chairs Restoration team to the rescue! We have all of the original parts to your model chair to make your antique complete!

Re-plating  the chair’s metal finish will reclaim the original nickle or chrome.  Reupholstering  of the original Naugahyde or a custom exotic animal skin in a period-appropriate  style or design will transform your chair’s look.   Re-dipping, reglazing or custom painting the ever familiar porcelain which was the signature of the time will revitalize your chair’s soul.   Finally one of our mechanics is going to overhaul  the hydraulics, the locking mechanism,  and the tension recline.  In other words your chair will move and sound like a swiss watch, restarting your chair’s heart.

Lastly, the quality control team will bring all of the elements of the build together and your vision will be a factory finish for your Barber Shop,  the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show, or the family room, enhancing your chair’s value and allowing you to recoup value and pride in your new family heirloom.

Custom Barber Chairs & Restoration has three convenient locations: Houston TX (operated by Rohan),  Atlanta GA (operated by Sid), and NYC NY (captained by yours truly).  Cost and delivery time will vary for each project as some aspects of your custom build will require greater time and investment.

Our showrooms are open  by appointment only. We also have a online pressence at or  for phone support a service professional can be reached at  1-917-553-1619 for Buck in NYC, Rohan in Houston @ 347-866-6500 or Sid in Atlanta @ 1-404-587-2088.


                                                    Kwame Buck Innis Phi Nu Pi