Making old koken, Theo A. Kochs & Emil J. Paidar barber chairs new again.


I need to find a antique barber chair expert to restore my barber chair?

At Custom Barber Chairs our goal is to create a chair that will be a great conversation piece in your mancave or game room. We also cater to upscale mens shaveshops who would like to have matching antique barber chairs. You may ask who is the ideal person that has a antique barber chair in their house? Our clients range from the everyday Joe to the executive on wall streets who collects antiques. What they all have in common is that they are men of character who know what they want and how they wan it.

Your custom antique barber chair is a extension of the man you are. All the way from your choice of Chrome or Nickel plating. The type of exotic leather you choose should represent your character. All things said you have a strong idea of what you want. You have searched the web, now you want someone that knows antique barber chairs to restore your antique. Search no more Custom Barber Chairs  has what you need!

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